Stutter No More

By Dr. Martin F. Schwartz

PART I Understanding

1 The Discovery Of The Physical Cause
2 The Hunt For The Stutter Reflex
3 Stress
4 Eight Psychological Triggers
5 Four Types Of Stuttering
6 Closet Stutterers
7 Primary Versus Secondary Stuttering

PART II Treatment

8 Attempts At Correction
9 The Passive Air Flow Technique
10 The Workshop
11 Basic Training
12 Overcoming Anticipatory Stress
13 Preventing Relapse
14 Support Systems
15 Guidelines For Selecting A Treatment Program
16 Ongoing Research: Implications For The Future

PART III Success Stories

17 The Computer Professional
18 The Importer
19 The Seminary Student
20 The Retired Mechanical Engineer
21 The Social Worker

PART IV Final Words

22 To The Stutterer
23 To Friends And Family: How You Can Help
24 To The Therapist


A Study Of The Long-Term Effects Of A
Multi-Dimensional Treatment Program For Stutterers

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